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Created: June 2013 Last Update: January 2016 Last Reviewed: January 2016

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Polare 107

The Transgender Funeral Struggle, The Drag Queen Scene, Special Interest Group, The Danish Girl, Caroline at School

May 2016

Polare 106

Dressing for Success, Valerie Wagstaff Tells Her Story, Jenny Boylan on Caitlyn Jenner

January 2016

Polare 105

Call Me Stephanie, Who Has Authority Over Our Bodies?, Kathy Anne Noble Interview

October 2015

Polare 104

The Beautiful Terror of Accepting Love, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counsellors, Why Bruce Jenner's Transition Matters

August 2015

Polare 103

Kai's Story, Transwomen in Sport, Cultures in Formation

May 2015

Polare 102

The Blue Diamond Society, Two Alzheimer-Related Works, Mystery of Infantile Testosterone

February 2015

Polare 101

Late Transition Leads to a Happier Life, Transition With Pride, Facial Feminisation, No Such Thing as Transgender

October 2014

Polare 100

One to a Hundred, Trail Blazers, The Berdache, Is 'Tranny' a Derogatory Term?

August 2014

Polare 99

Staying Employed During Transition, The Happy Family Fairy Tale, I'm So Sick of Words

May 2014

Polare 98

Cate McGregor: Woman and Warrior, Caring for a Minority Within a Minority, Special Considerations for Transsexual Surgeries

January 2014

Polare 97

Leslie Findlay: A Tribute, The Intersex View of Norrie's Case, Transitioning in the Workplace

October 2013

Polare 96

A Brief History of X; Testosterone and F.T.M. Sex Drive; A New Life For Dan

July 2013

Polare 95

Eugenia, We've All Been There, Secret Women's Business, Media Bullying

April 2013

Polare 94

Transgender Prisoner Reassignment Rights, Shopping with Marika, Intersex People and Marriage

January 2013

Polare 93

Stepford Wives Comes to the 21st Century, Thinking Outside the Square, Dealing with Bullying

October 2012

Polare 92

Daughters of the Doctor, Speaking Personally, Be Who You Are, My Journey to Thailand

July 2012

Polare 91

My Intersex Adventure, Intersexions, The A.T.O. Bends on Transgender Expenses

April 2012

Polare 90

Carmen Rupe, Transgender Icon, Pride and Diversity, My Struggle With Identity

January 2012

Polare 89

Farewell Rose Jackson, Transgender Inmates, Women in Dresses, I am what I am

October 2011

Polare 88

Life can be Beautiful, Delilah Takes on the Philistines, A Passport Identifies who a Person Is

July 2011

Polare 87

Toni's Story, Bullying and Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse People, My Son, The Pink Boy

April 2011

Polare 86

Parenting Sideways, Terminology of Intersex, The Gift of Transition to your Child

January 2011

Polare 85

Gaye's Farewell Column, Are Breasts A Right Or A Privilege?, Make Sex And War

October 2010

Polare 84

Aged Care for Transsexuals, Wills, Enduring Guardians & Powers of Attorney; Phia's Story

July 2010

Polare 83

Jin Xing: Role Model For Millions, Syphilis: History, Recognition and Treatment

April 2010

Polare 82

The Young M.T.F. Transsexual, Young People With Transsexualism

January 2010

Polare 81

Adventures of a Watjarri Nyungar Traveller, Look Who's Morphing, Bad Language

October 2009

Polare 80

Transphobia, Abuse Is Not A Form Of Love, Book Review

July 2009

Polare 79

Seven Sexes, So What Am I?, What Is Seahorse, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Part 3

April 2009

Polare 78

Eloqui, Transgender Remembrance Day, Sexually Transmitted Infections Part 2

December 2008

Polare 77

Sexually Transmitted Infections, Down Memory Lane, 3 x Book Reviews

October 2008

Polare 76

Zucker: Manipulation of Feminine Boys, Living with Hepatitis C, Documents of Identity

July 2008

Polare 75

Five Kinds of Gender, A Submission to H.R.E.O.C., Quest for Life

April 2008

Polare 74

Labor's Social Inclusion Agenda; Globalisation, Healthism and Harm Reduction

January 2008

Polare 73

Power With Grace; Stigma & Health; The Power of a Name; 3 x Book Reviews

October 2007

Polare 72

Mike & Natasha; Discrimination Sans Frontiers

July 2007

Polare 71

World's First Transsexual Man; Coming-Out Transgender in Same Sex Relationships

April 2007

Polare 70

X in the Wrong Place; A Consummate Politician Accepts New Challenges

January 2007

Polare 69

Passports, the Road to Hell; Who Gets to Decide a Child's Gender; Living the Dream

November 2006

Polare 68

Out of One Closet and Into Another; Long Acting Injectable Testosterone

July 2006

Polare 67

Reviewing Silicone Implants; Gatekeepers; Trans Web Comics

April 2006

Polare 66

TransAmerica Transforms Felicity Huffman; Gender Outlaws; The Forgotten Veterans

January 2006

Polare 65

How Do I Tell My Workmates, Parents, Friends?; Margaret Stumpp; a Profile Interview

October 2005

Polare 64

A Thin Woman Trapped In A Fat Man's Body; April Ashley & Me; A Letter From Gina

July 2005

Polare 63

A Cross-dressing Perspective; Self-Esteem, the Catch 22 of Transgender

May 2005

Polare 62

Organisational and Institutional Violence Against the Transgendered

March 2005

Polare 61

The Amazing Disappearing Chromosome; Lee Brown, A Tribute

January 2005

Polare 60

When Gender Isn't a Given; The Reform that Shames Australia;

November 2004

Polare 59

The Marriage Amendment Act and Transsexuals; Even in Death; On Being a Girl

September 2004

Polare 58

Emerging Pangendered; Racial Stereotyping and Transgender; Only a Cross-Dresser

July 2004

Polare 57

The Media View of Alex; The Case of Ewan Forbes; The Run of the Tide

May 2004

Polare 56

A Church that Cares and Accepts; Sharon Meets the Ladyboys; Transgender and Sport

March 2004

Polare 55

Julia's Home Town Welcomes Her back; Human Rights for Transgender Citizens

January 2004

Polare 54

Tales of Tiresias; What Are You?, Male? Female? or Neither of the Above?

October 2003

Polare 53

The Bailey Brou-ha-ha; Born Transsexual; Another First; 2 x Book Reviews

August 2003

Polare 52

On Acceptance and Employment; An Interview with Jane Fonda on Gender

June 2003

Polare 51

The Legal Environment Following Re Kevin; Loving a Man Who Wants to be a Woman

April 2003

Polare 50

Stephen Whittle Wins 2002 Human Rights Award; Vagina Schmagina!

February 2003

Polare 49

Tribute to Christine Jorgensen; Talking Point; 3 x Book Reviews

December 2002

Polare 48

Gay Games Gender Policy; Transformation; Health Report

October 2002

Polare 47

Health Report; My Story; Social & Support Report; Stop Press

August 2002

Polare 46

My Wife Was a Victim Too; Do Transsexuals Have a Choice; The Road Less Travelled

June 2002

Polare 45

Party or Protest; From Victim to Villain in a Single Bound; A Rose by Any Other Name

April 2002

Polare 44

Gendercide; How Many of Us Are There?; My Transsexual Father

February 2002

Polare 43

Family Court Endorses Transsexual Marriage; Lynn Conway, Superstar of the Transgender Firmament

December 2001

Polare 42

My Dad's A Woman; The Shape of Acceptance; Phallocy

October 2001

Polare 41

Metoidioplasty (Clitoral Release); Are You Getting Good Treatment?; A Plea For Help

August 2001

Polare 40

A Plague Undetected; Transmen; Health Report; Arriving in Australia with Two Sexes

December 2000

Polare 39

Reporting Transgender Violence; My View, Suicide; Transmen; Health Report

October 2000

Polare 38

A Girl Called Adam; More Transsexuals Start New Life, Keep Old Job

August 2000

Polare 37

The Top Gun Who Became R.A.F. Flight Officer Caz; Transmen; Health Report

June 2000

Polare 36

Phalloplasty Part Two; My Locus of Control; My View

April 2000

Polare 35

Phalloplasty Part One; Not My Child; Staying Around, A Strategy for Transitioning in a Small Town

February 2000

Polare 34

Law Reform Report; The Pregnant Man; Hepatitis C - The Neglected Epidemic

December 1999

Polare 33

Urethral Complications in Phalloplasty; Transitioning is Not Therapy

October 1999

Polare 32

Trans People and H.I.V.; Telling the Truth

August 1999

Polare 31

Manhood, The Big Gig; Health Report, Thrush; My Story

June 1999

Polare 30

A Letter To My Sister; Loneliness of Being Happy; Tell Them I'm a Boy

April 1999

Polare 29

Transgender Issues & Depression; Using Your Mind to Bring About Body Changes

February 1999

Polare 28

Positive Policing; A Farewell to Passing; Transmen

December 1998

Polare 27

Transgender Debate, Against Exclusion; Why We Lie; Made in Thailand; Identity

October 1998

Polare 26

Gender Mirrors; Boys Will Be Girls; Access Plus, Spanning Identities

August 1998

Polare 25

The Seahorse Society; Coming-Out Whole; The Hermaphrodite Soul

June 1998

Polare 24

A Quality of Life Issue; Rich Man, Poor Man, Transsexual Woman, Spiritual Transgendering

April 1998

Polare 23

Mardi Gras Memories; Trapped in the Body of a Man; Perspectives on Transition

February 1998

Polare 22

A Fabulous Child's Story; Childhood and Gender Identity Development Repressive Abuse

December 1997

Polare 21

Trans Equity; Transgender Folk Are Creative Folk; Achieving Personal Success

October 1997

Polare 20

Fitness & Nutrition; Some Thoughts on Transition; Transitioning on the Job

August 1997

Polare 19

What Public Opinion Can Do; Almost Heaven, My Vagina; What are Dads Made Of?

June 1997

Polare 18

What is Gender; Wendy Carlos Revisited; Transsexual Acceptance

April 1997

Polare 17

Elvis Herselvis Part Two, Transgender Liberation & Care, Medicine, the Facts

February 1997

Polare 16

Elvis Herselvis Part One; Why Gender Issues? Why Now?; The Year in Perspective

December 1996

Polare 15

The Difference Between Health & Politics; Education, Employment and Changing Gender

October 1996

Polare 14

Transsexuals in Italy; Theories of Gender; Pesticides Cause Gender Change

August 1996

Polare 13

Famous Trannies; Lower Surgery; Sentencing Given on Significant Transgender Case

June 1996

Polare 12

Switched on Wendy; Trapped in the Wrong Sex; Realities, Wayne & Cheryl

April 1996

Polare 11

The Growing Rent; The Middle Way; On The Beach, I Felt Alive

February 1996

Polare 10

Being Me; Wake Up to the Facts; Telling It Like It Is

December 1995

Polare 9

Surgically Acquired Legal Privileges; Cross-dressing Magic; Hormone Withdrawal

October 1995

Polare 8

Call Me Average; Famous Trannies in Early Modern Times; Sex Work Substances

August 1995

Polare 7

A Legal Victory; Tranny Mystics; Androgyny; Reflections; Finding The Balance

May 1995

Polare 6

The Golden Age of Female Trannies in Medieval Europe; Negotiating safe Sex

February 1995

Polare 5

Good Girls Do It Too; A Couple of Boys; Soft Minded Men; Love, Life & Liberty

November 1994

Polare 4

Geldings for the Gods; Your Teenager, Gender Reassignment & You

August 1994

Polare 3

The History of Condoms; Like a lady in Polynesia; Living A Dream

March 1994

Polare 2

A Day at the Doctor; American Indian Gender-Crossers; So What is Seahorse?

December 1993

Polare 1

The Scene Was Mean; Great Outings of History; The History of Seahorse

September 1993

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