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Transgender, Transsexual, Gender Identity, Gender Diversity

Who We Are

The Gender Centre is committed to developing and providing services and activities which enhance the ability of transgender and gender diverse people to make informed choices. We are also committed to educating the families, friends, public and other service providers about the needs of transgender and gender diverse people.

What We Do

The Gender Centre offers a wide range of services to transgender and gender diverse people, their partners, families and friends in New South Wales. We also act as an education, support, training and referral/resource centre to other organisations and service providers. We specifically aim to provide a high quality service which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect and confidentiality.

Services We Provide

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Allies & Supporters

The Gender Centre encourages everyone to support NixDesign and other organisations that support the Gender Centre.

External link to the City of Sydney Council website. | External link to the Aurora Group website.
External link to the Inner City Legal Centre website. | External link to the Street Smart Australia website.
Safety Partnership website is currently unavailable. | External link to the Oz Harvest website.

Local News

Film Maker Seeking Trans Woman with Long Blonde Hair

26 March 2015 - Gender Centre Media Release

Sydney New South Wales: Deadly Women is a docudrama shot in Australia for the American market (Investigation Discovery). We’re looking to cast a transgender female actress with natural or dyed long blonde hair and a relatively slender build to play the lead role of Nicole Vonlee Titlow. Nicole (born Harry) was a transgender woman who was cornered into helping her aunt murder her uncle, and was promised to have the bill for her gender reassignment surgery paid for if she kept quiet. We’re telling Nicole’s story with a sympathetic eye. We’re looking for someone with preferably some kind of acting experience. The shoot will run over two days on location, on April 23 and 24. Interested parties should email Tess Hutley External Link or telephone her on (02) 9437 2052.

National News

Will Brisbane Finally Get a Safe House for Transgender People?

24 March 2015 - Gay News Network External Link

Brisbane Queensland: A Brisbane transgender organisation is looking into the possibility of a safe house for transgender people in crisis. The plan, by the Australian Transgender Support Association Queensland (ATSAQ), is to provide a home for two male and two female transgender people over 18. A spokesperson for ATSAQ told Queensland Pride a live-in caretaker would be on hand at the house, which would help the needs of trans men and women made homeless ... [ More External Link ]

The Real Damage of Mocking Transgender People

22 March 2015 - Sunshine Coast Daily External Link

Sunshine Coast Queensland: Ben Westria blushes as he tells me that at times in his life, he likes to represent himself as a woman. His embarrassment is curious. And sad. Ben's female identity is no secret to me. His email was sent in her name (from his address). She is part of the reason I have gone to see him. But Ben often feels embarrassed when he steps into her shoes. That is the other part of the reason that I have gone to see him. As a female, he has felt like he has been the butt of hurtful jokes and snide comments ... [ More External Link ]

International News

China Has One Amazing Transsexual Celeb—But Lousy LGBT Rights

30 March 2015 - Reuters External Link

Hong Kong People's Republic of China: Jin Xing is extremely successful. She's not just an internationally renowned modern dance choreographer and the artistic director of the dance company she founded. She's also a film actress, a stage performer, a television talk show host, a mother, a wife, a true alpha personality. She is as confident spitting staccato fire while offering her take on the latest happenings in China as she is judging dancers who muster the courage to perform before her and the rest of the nation ... [ More External Link ]

High Heels and Hijabs: Transgender Rights in Indonesia

30 March 2015 - S.B.S. External Link

Jakarta Indonesia: Indonesia has a vibrant transgender culture and tradition, but there's been a rise in intolerance in recent years from Muslim fundamentalists. On Tuesday's Dateline, David O'Shea gets an insight into the community and its fight for equal rights. "This is me. You can't stop me being like this", transgender woman Vira tells David. She was rejected by her parents and ended up as a sex worker on Jakarta's streets – a story that's all too common amongst transgender women in Indonesia ... [ More External Link ]

Sweden is Adding a Gender-Neutral Pronoun to its Dictionary

30 March 2015 - Advocate External Link

Stockholm Sweden: Gender-neutral pronouns are becoming more common as a growing number of L.G.B.T. people and allies strive to use language that accurately and respectfully reflects the broad range of gender identities people embrace. And the trend toward inclusive language isn't limited to English-speaking locales, according to British newspaper The Guardian. Sweden will formally add the gender-neutral pronoun ... [ More External Link ]

Renee Richards still amazed she broke transgender taboo

29 March 2015 - Reuters External Link

New York U.S.A.: More than three decades after putting down her tennis racquet, Renee Richards is still astonished she had the moxie to join the women's professional tour after living the first 34 years of her life as a man. For all the frenzy around Olympian Bruce Jenner's reported decision to transition to a woman, the transgender pioneer Richards, born Richard Raskind, believes nothing could be tougher than what she endured in the 1970s ... [ More External Link ]

Transgender M.P. Anna Grodzka Bows Out of Presidential Race

29 March 2015 - Radio Poland External Link

Warsaw Poland: Poland's first transgender M.P. Anna Grodzka has bowed out of the presidential race after failing to collect the required 100,000 signatures needed to register as a candidate. Before the end-of-Thursday deadline, Grodzka managed to amass just over 85,000 signatures, with the presidential hopeful admitting in an interview with Polish Radio that "we might not be successful" in collecting the signatures. Grodzka added that she may back another candidate ... [ More External Link ]

A Peruvian's Struggle to Survive TB and AIDS

24 March 2015 - Yahoo News, Maktoob External Link

Lima Peru: Weighing only 36 kilos, Piojo sat slumped on her bed in a small, dark room thick with damp and stagnant air. There was no light, no window, and nobody else. More than 10 years ago, Piojo, 30, was diagnosed with H.I.V., something she did little about as it lay silent. However, when the virus combined with a recent diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, her health rapidly deteriorated to AIDS. As a transgender sex worker in Peru, Piojo's perilous condition is not uncommon. Outcasts in a highly conservative, machismo, religious and transphobic society ... [ More External Link ]