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Transgender, Transsexual, Gender Identity, Gender Diversity


Who We Are

The Gender Centre is committed to developing and providing services and activities which enhance the ability of transgender and gender diverse people to make informed choices. We are also committed to educating the families, friends, public and other service providers about the needs of transgender and gender diverse people.

What We Do

The Gender Centre offers a wide range of services to transgender and gender diverse people, their partners, families and friends in New South Wales. We also act as an education, support, training and referral/resource centre to other organisations and service providers. We specifically aim to provide a high quality service which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect and confidentiality.

Services We Provide

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Allies & Supporters

The Gender Centre encourages everyone to support NixDesign and other organisations that support the Gender Centre.

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Local News

Transgender Teen 'Disgusted' After Being Laughed At By Woolworths Employee

20 September 2014 - Sydney Morning Herald External Link

Wollongong, New South Wales: A Wollongong transgender teen was left disgusted by supermarket staff who laughed at him because he no longer resembled a driver's licence photo taken before his gender transition. Ben*, 19, has been transitioning from female to male for 10 months. He attempted to buy cigarettes from Woolworths at Figtree on Monday afternoon. After being asked for identification, he said he was refused sale because the cashier did not believe his story of being a transgender person. "She looked at me funny, and said it wasn't me in the photo", Ben said. "I've got a bit of facial hair from testosterone I'm taking, and in my photo I haven't got any. She laughed in my face when I told her my situation ... [ More External Link ]

New Gender Diverse TV Series to Air on Channel 31

22 August 2014 - Gay News Network External Link

Sydney, New South Wales: Channel 31 will screen a brand new television series next month – Trans-Mission – which explores the real world of people who do not identify with the sex they were assigned. Trans-Mission, produced by Bent TV, is a first of its kind and aims to break down stereotypes and preconceptions while celebrating the lives of transgender and gender diverse people. Themes include growing up gender-questioning, medical procedures and mental health issues. The show will also explore identification issues, relationships, shopping and sexuality. Secretary of Bent TV and Trans-mission host Sammy Cameron told MCV that although the program includes ... [ More External Link ]

My Husband Became a Woman and Our Marriage is Stronger than Ever

21 August 2014 - Sydney Morning Herald External Link

New England, New South Wales: I've never questioned my sexuality, my desire to be with a man. Still, when I first encountered the person who would become my husband, he was wearing makeup and a purple dress. We met at a gathering hosted by a mutual friend, a psychotherapist and expert on transgenderism. David, the man in the dress, was a 38-year-old surgeon and a cross-dresser. He - she in that moment - was intriguing. I saw beyond the external and was drawn in by David's essence - his courage, his honesty, his authenticity. We've now been married for 23 years and I'm still in love. But since David became Deborah full-time three years ago, I'm now in love with her. As my husband became a woman, I endured a transition of my own ... [ More External Link ]

National News

Testosterone: Living with a Trans Partner

20 September 2014 - Joy 94.9 External Link

Melbourne, Victoria: Kurt is joined by Sarah to discuss some of the issues faced by partners of Trans guys. Sarah had always known Gabriel (her partner) as a guy; well before Gabriel had started hormone replacement. Sarah discusses how both she and her partner dealt with gender identity, pronouns, starting hormones and the effects of testosterone. Support as a couple discovering gender diversity and their sexuality. The important things that have made their relationship successful ... [ More External Link ]

Trans Youth Talk About the Importance of Pronouns

12 September 2014 - Gay News Network External Link

Melbourne, Victoria: He, She, They ... All small words, but each one can have a powerful impact if you are a transgender or queer-identifying youth. That's why the folk at Minus 18 have gotten together with a group of trans youth to film a video explaining the importance of correct pronoun use. As well as a video, Minus 18 has created a written resource for people to understand the importance of pronoun use to avoid misgendering. She and He are gendered pronouns. She is typically used by people who identify as female similarly He is typically used by male identifying people. Both of these are sometimes used by people who don’t identify as male or female. Gender Neutral Pronouns such as They, Xe and Ey ... [ More External Link ]

Senator Louise Pratt on Life with Her Transgender Partner

8 September 2014 - Perth Now External Link

Perth, Western Australia: They say love conquers all. In the case of Western Australian Labor Senator Louise Pratt and her partner, Aram Hosie, this saying holds especially true. When I first meet the couple in a coffee lounge in Mount Lawley one sunny afternoon to discuss the possibility of an interview, I am struck by how like any other heterosexual couple they appear. Aram has a beard, a shaved head and a gym toned physique just like many other blokes. Like other couples, they talk about their recent trials and tribulations associated with house renovations, about Louise's hectic travel schedule, and Aram's new Ducati motorbike. However, what I and many others are intrigued to hear ... [ More External Link ]

State Government Replaces Policy to Support Transgender Students

4 September 2014 - Courier Mail External Link

Brisbane, Queensland: The State Government has backed away from a statewide policy to support transgender, gay and lesbian students, with supporting materials "for principals' consideration" set to be provided instead. The Newman Government said giving principals the ability to address situations on a case-by-case basis would better assist students and would be more practical than a one-size-fits all policy statement. The initial policy statement on 'Supporting Same-Sex Attracted, Intersex or Transgender Students at School' – the first of its type in Queensland – was published on a Government website last year, but later pulled down "to review the content" ... [ More External Link ]

More Scholarships Up For Grabs to Attend ANZPATH Conference

4 September August 2014 - Gay News Network External Link

Adelaide, South Australia: An anonymous donor has offered up a further $10,000 to assist transgender people in participating in ANZPATH, a Transgender health conference that will be held in Adelaide next month. Conference organisers said the generous donation will be used to create further scholarships to assist in paying conference fees and partially fund travel and accommodation expenses of transgender people. Applicants for the new scholarships will need to demonstrate a track record of committed community service and positive advocacy and/or be currently studying at tertiary institutions ... [ More External Link ]