Polare Magazine

Created: June 2013 Last Update: June 2013 Last Reviewed: August 2013

Polare is a 40 page in-service magazine which is published once every three months by The Gender Centre Inc.

Polare provides a forum for discussion and debate on gender issues. Regular features in Polare include:

  • Manager's Report;
  • Editorial;
  • News Items of Interest;
  • Letters to the Editor;
  • Book Reviews;
  • Counsellor's Column; and
  • Health Report.

What does "Polare" mean?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "palare" (note the slightly different spelling) as "a form of slang used by actors and showmen, particularly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and it is characterised by an Italianate vocabulary." The word itself derives from the Italian word "parlare" (to talk) and appears in many forms such as "polare", "parlyaree" and "parlary". There are a number of essays on the Internet and there is an excellent essay, "Parlyaree; Cinderella Among Languages" in Eric Partridge's "Here, There and Everywhere".

It is clear that this language was used by marginalised groups (show people, gays, lesbians, transgendered, homeless itinerant workers and even tramps) in order to pass on information or comment without being understood by bystanders who did not belong to their group. There are lists of parlyaree words and their meanings on the Internet and a Google search under "polari", "parlyaree" and "parlary" is rewarding for those who want to know more. So why is our magazine called Polare? Well basically because we can't spell.

What is Polare for?

Polare is the Gender Centre's service magazine. It is to be a way of communicating with folk in the New South Wales transsexual / transgender community as well as any other communities of interest within the State of New South Wales, Australia.

How much does Polare cost?

Polare is available free of charge for residents of New South Wales.

I don't live in Australia - can I still get Polare mailed to me?

At present while we do mail Polare out of state and Internationally, there may come a time when this is not financially possible.

I need to change my address for Polare - How do I do this ?

In the back of each magazine, there is a form you can photocopy and mail in or you can cut it out and mail it into the Centre. Another way is to email the Editor . For either method, you need to supply the old address as well as your new mailing address.

I am trans*, can I write something for Polare ?

You sure can! Please clearly print or type your work - and mail it in to: The Editor, The Gender Centre, P.O. Box 266, Petersham, N.S.W. 2049. It would also be extra helpful if you could run your work through a spell-checker. Alternately you might like to email the Editor or use the "Polare Article Submission Form" .

As we say clearly on contents page of every Polare: "unsolicited contributions are welcome, though no guarantee is made by the editor that they will be published, nor any discussion entered into. The editor reserves the right to edit such contributions without notification."

I am offering a service to the trans* community - can I advertise in Polare?

Yes you can. Please email the Editor or write to the editor at P.O. Box 266, Petersham, N.S.W. 2049, with your text for the advertisement. Images are not accepted. The Centre doesn't charge for advertising and listing of your service will be at the discretion of the staff who work at the Gender Centre.

Was your question answered here?

If not, then please email the Editor or write in to the editor P.O. Box 266, Petersham, N.S.W. 2049, and we'll do our best to answer your query quickly.

Writers & Poets

Articles from transgender / transsexual people, a partner, family member, or friend of transgender / transsexual people are welcomed by the Editor.

Polare welcomes your writing! But please remember - Polare, the web or this Editor doesn't favour epic novels. Clearly indicate the title of your piece. Please include your name or pseudonym. If you want to include your email address for publication and / or your Web site, these are both welcome.

When submitting written pieces, simply copy & paste your text into an email and send. Please do not send document attachments. Document attachment submissions will be returned. To submit your article, simply email the Editor or use the Polare Article Submission Form . A submission does not guarantee that it will be published. Every submission is subject to the staff's review.

The Gender Centre is committed to developing and providing services and activities, which enhance the ability of people with gender issues to make informed choices. We offer a wide range of services to people with gender issues, their partners, family members and friends in New South Wales. We are an accommodation service and also act as an education, support, training and referral resource centre to other organisations and service providers. The Gender Centre is committed to educating the public and service providers about the needs of people with gender issues. We specifically aim to provide a high quality service, which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect and confidentiality.

Parents of Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth Support Group

The parents support group meets on the second Monday of each month from 6:00pm at the Gender Centre, 41-43 Parramatta Road, Annandale.

All parents of transgender and gender questioning youth are invited to come and be part of these discussion nights.

Providing a safe, supporting space for parents to connect with others. Contact the Gender Centre on (02) 9519 7599 for more information.

The Gender Centre Inc. - Serving the Gender Diverse Community!