Cross-Dressing Support

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The Seahorse Society

Welcoming those who Cross-Dress Infrequently to those who Identify as Transsexual

Article appeared in Polare 25, June 1998

The moves to form an association for heterosexual transvestites began in 1969, and culminated in the formation of the Seahorse Club in 1971. Nowadays the Seahorse Society of N.S.W. welcomes those who cross-dress infrequently to those that identify as transsexual ... [ Continue Reading ]

Cross-Dressing in Modern Theatre

Why? Why Not?

Article appeared in Polare 100, August 2014

Katherine Cummings delves into the world of stage theatre, big and small screens past and present and takes a look at cross-gender roles in those stage plays movies/television. She also takes a look at who are the people playing transgender and gender-diverse roles and whether they should be played solely by transgender actors ... [ Continue Reading ]

The History of Seahorse

From a 1968 Newspaper Advertisement

Article appeared in Polare 1, September 1993

Before 1970, in a world without Seahorse, going out dressed in public would often lead to police action and the purchase of those 'special' items was best accomplished through a mail order house. Back in 1967, Pauline began to try and make contact with other cross-dressers ... [ Continue Reading ]

Alice in Genderland

A Cross-Dresser Comes of Age

Article appeared in Polare 66, January 2006

Doctors and academics rarely write good autobiographies, Alice in Genderland by Richard Novic is an exception as it sends us on a whistle-stop tour of Richard's life as a trainee psychiatrist and his sometimes alter ego cocaine-sniffing and sexually available Alice ... [ Continue Reading ]

Dennis / Denise

Balancing Hirself as a Person with Two Spirits

Article appeared in Polare 28, December 1998

Dennis and Madeline have been married for 25 years and have three adult children. They are the coordinators for a national caring support group for cross-dressers, transgender people, their partners and family in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand ... [ Continue Reading ]

Helping Wives of Cross Dressers to Understand and Cope

Acknowledging Concerns and Offering Support

Article appeared in Polare 30, April 1999

Discovering that your husband or partner is a cross-dresser is not the end of the world. Cross-dressing does not hurt anyone and it need not shake the foundation of your marriage. Helping Wives of Cross-Dressers to Understand and Cope, acknowledging your concerns and offers support ... [ Continue Reading ]

My Dad's a Woman

Gareth's Experiences as a Child with a Trans Parent

Article appeared in Polare 42, October 2001

When Gareth was six years old, he realised that his father wore women's clothing. He says that it's a wonder he hadn't twigged before that his father would come home from work dressed as a man and suddenly mum would announce "Auntie Diane's coming for tea" ... [ Continue Reading ]

A Cross-Dressing Perspective

Former Seahorse Society President Shares Her Collected Thoughts and Experiences

Article appeared in Polare 63, May 2005

The types of issues that cross-dressers often encounter usually fall within two broad reaching categories: relationship issues and personal well-being writes Lynne from Sydney's cross-dressing self-help support organisation, the Seahorse Society ... [ Continue Reading ]

Just Like a Woman

She Stole His Heart, He Stole Her Clothes

Article appeared in Polare 2, December 1993

Just Like A Woman, the story of a married transvestite banker with two small children living in London. His family go on a holiday to the United States and unbeknown to Gerald (Geraldine), they come home from holidays a week early ... [ Continue Reading ]

So What is Seahorse?

Cross-Dressing with Dignity

Article appeared in Polare 2, December 1993

The Seahorse Society of New South Wales is a non profit self-help group that provides a valuable service to cross-dressers, their families and friends. Operating since the 1970's, their aim is to reach out to the cross-dresser offering them a safe venue to meet with other ... [ Continue Reading ]

The Takarazuka Revue

Japanese All-Female Musical Theatre Troupe

Article appeared in Polare 12, April 1996

Formed in 1914, the Takarazuka Revue is home to the phenomenally popular all-female cross-dressing school and entertainment troupe where thousands of young girls apply each year to be one of the 40 selected, 10 of whom are accepted on the basis that they must become men ... [ Continue Reading ]

Tribute to Louise Hordern

Life-Member of the Seahorse Club of Victoria

Article appeared in Polare 38, August 2000

For those who did not know Louise Hordern, she was a life member of the Seahorse Club of Victoria, and a woman who's simple cheer and goodwill helped many a 'first time out of the bedroom closet' cross-dresser ... [ Continue Reading ]

Potatoes and Cross Dressing

So what, you may ask, does boiling potatoes have to do with cross-dressing, anyway?

Article appeared in Polare 29, February 1999

Stacy and Judi have a deeply loving relationship and cross-dressing, which in some marriages acts as a catalyst and a binding glue, is for them the final burr under their saddles. When discord hits their lives, it almost always ends up being blamed on cross-dressing ... [ Continue Reading ]

Only a Cross Dresser

Awaiting the Rise of the Truly Revolutionary Force

Article appeared in Polare 58, July 2004

Riki Wilchins explains that because cross-dressing is more socially-despised, the more despised and oppressed group, the more conservative their rhetoric and politics, that when groups are disempowered they have no choice but to take an assimilationist conservative stance ... [ Continue Reading ]

One Wife's Perspective on Cross Dressing

We Had to Find Our Own Way

Article appeared in Polare 38, August 2000

When Joan's husband told her about his cross-dressing there was little information around. She tried to bury her head hoping it would go away, but she realised she married a most sensitive men, and without that sensitivity and understanding, she wouldn't love him so much ... [ Continue Reading ]

Please Don't be an Airhead

If you're going to be a Female

Article appeared in Polare 31, June 1999

It's been nine months since my husband revealed he was a transvestite. I'm still coming to terms with it, but what's riling me is seeing someone I love actively embracing the very aspects of femininity that I find trivial and silly, while at the same time making statements about "getting in touch with his female nature" ... [ Continue Reading ]

String of Pearls

Stories about Cross-Dressing

Article appeared in Polare 43, December 2001

As 'theme' anthologies go, String of Pearls: Stories about Cross-Dressing casts a looser net than most. Although each story includes cross-dressing, the motivations vary widely. It is entertaining and should satisfy readers of eclectic taste ... [ Continue Reading ]

Elvis Herselvis Part 1

An Interview between the American Performer and Wicked Women Magazine

Article appeared in Polare 16, December 1996

Elvis Herselvis, otherwise known as Leigh Crow identifies as a female Elvis impersonator and a drag king. In the U.S. she makes waves and continues to draw an audience. Recently, she was banned from a high-profile Elvis Convention by conservative sponsors ... [ Continue Reading ]

Elvis Herselvis Part 2

Not a Mumbling, Enigmatic Troubadour from Memphis but an Articulate, Gregarious Dyke from San Francisco

Article appeared in Polare 17, April 1997

Leigh Crow, a.k.a. Elvis Herselvis, has been evoking the King of Rock and Roll and wooing audiences for over three years now, however a dyke taking to the stage in drag is not a common sight, as cross-dressing is still considered a contentious issue among some lesbians ... [ Continue Reading ]

The Gender Centre is committed to developing and providing services and activities, which enhance the ability of people with gender issues to make informed choices. We offer a wide range of services to people with gender issues, their partners, family members and friends in New South Wales. We are an accommodation service and also act as an education, support, training and referral resource centre to other organisations and service providers. The Gender Centre is committed to educating the public and service providers about the needs of people with gender issues. We specifically aim to provide a high quality service, which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect and confidentiality.

Parents of Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth Support Group

The parents support group meets on the second Monday of each month from 6:00pm at the Gender Centre, 41-43 Parramatta Road, Annandale.

All parents of transgender and gender questioning youth are invited to come and be part of these discussion nights.

Providing a safe, supporting space for parents to connect with others. Contact the Gender Centre on (02) 9519 7599 for more information.

The Gender Centre Inc. - Serving the Gender Diverse Community!